Half Hour Power

Half Hour Power, a resistance interval program performed in a circuit format, had a loyal following of clients in and around its headquarter neighborhoods. The firm was faced with the issue of where to focus its growth – franchising, client base or innovative product.

RDM Communications designed and implemented a 15-minute survey instrument focusing on top-level executives of media, real estate, entertainment, academic, law and hospitality industries. Through relationships with leaders in these industries, RDM was able to gauge opinions on employees and clients of these firms in four main areas: current status of fitness programs, trends in fitness programs, intent to expand fitness-related programs, response to various concepts of fitness programs.

Each of these industries have employees and clients matching the market currently served by Half Hour Power – working professionals or stay at home parents with limited time but weight loss and fitness as a priority. Based on research findings, RDM Communications and Half Hour Power are now matching versions of the DVD to the targeted needs and interests of the various corporations.

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